AIVP Recommendation

Occupied and empty spaces, visual perspectives, building heights and volumetric shapes are all factors that can be altered in order to optimise the way City Port interface sites are integrated into the existing urban and port context. With careful planning, it is possible to preserve and/or create visual perspectives of the water, dock basins, reclaimed port patrimony, the port and its activities.

Haifa (Israel)

The city of Haifa has lost its access to the sea since the port was built in the 1930s. A dynamic new urban space to attract businesses, tourism and investors is planned, with priority on public spaces and a commitment to maintaining the port’s identity.


Le Port (Reunion Island – France)

During the 1960s, a dividing line gradually came to separate the city from the port and the sea. The railway closed down and buildings were erected around the dock basins, forming a physical and symbolic boundary with the city.