The construction of the port tunnel began on May 2010. The tunnel provides a direct link between two highways and the cargo and cruise ship ports located on Dodge Island. Apart from increasing the ports’ competitiveness and its cruise activity, it helped ease traffic congestion in the city: in 2009, about 16,000 vehicles travelled through downtown streets each weekday, going to and from the port of Miami (up to 28% of these vehicles were trucks). The tunnel now opens the way for new developments on the northern part of Miami’s business district (CBD). The waterfront located in front of Dodge Island will also benefit from these new developments.

© Port of Miami

The total cost of the design and construction of the tunnel is estimated at US$ 668.5 million. The tunnel project was built by a public-private partnership between the State of Florida, the concessionaires MAT and LLC, Miami-Dade County, and the city of Miami. The tunnel was officially inaugurated in August 2014.

© Port of Miami

Dodge Island Roadways – Project Aerial Photos, June 11, 2014 © Port of Miami Tunnel

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