Since September 2012, the food products destined for Franprix stores located in the heart of Paris are being distributed via the Seine. The goods are first transported in containers between the port of Bonneuil-sur-Marne and the port of Bourdonnais in the centre of Paris, before being delivered by truck on the last leg of their itinerary to the retail stores, all of which are located within a radius of 4 km.
Since 2015 a second warehouse located at Bonneuil is used allowing to increase to 42 per day the number of containers transported by the River Seine, and to 300 the number of stores being supplied. Long term, the objective is to transport 48 containers per day, which is equivalent to a savings of 450,000 km / year and a 37% reduction in CO² emissions. This initiative is also enabling development of the quays located within the urban area and will make port activities more acceptable to the Paris population.

© HAROPA – Ports de Paris / Agnès Janin
© HAROPA – Ports de Paris / Franprix Highco
© HAROPA – Ports de Paris / Franprix Highco

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