AIVP Recommendation

Promoting alternative modes of transport to automobiles makes it possible to improve accessibility and reduce road congestion in City Port territories: going on foot, by bicycle, or on shared transportation (tramway, cable cars, etc.). In certain port cities, the local geography makes “Blue transport” an attractive option: public transport on the waterway (water-taxi, shuttle services, etc.). This solution provides other benefits apart from improved accessibility to City Port sites: environmentally, because of lower road traffic, and in symbolic terms, because it reinforces the maritime character of the territory.

Brisbane (Australia)

In 2011, extensive flooding caused serious damage to Brisbane’s 25 river terminals. Seven of the terminals were completely destroyed. The City of Brisbane finally settled on proposals with floating terminals.


Tangiers (Morocco)

The project to reconvert the port of Tangiers covers an area of 84 ha, and aims to position Tangiers as a mainstream tourist and cultural destination in the Mediterranean.