AIVP Recommendation

The delays involved in the gradual rehabilitation of City Port interfaces may result in the presence of empty installations or spaces awaiting reallocation, which will detract from the general attractiveness of the district and the existing infrastructure. In order to make these rarely visited sites more attractive and dynamic and to fill the gaps in the overall appearance of the area, a strategy based on temporary uses will make it possible to attract resident population and visitors to the sites being rehabilitated on the City Port interface. The strategy will also bring economic benefits, due to the arrival of visitors, local tourists, etc.

Hong Kong (China)

In Hong Kong, an 850-seat theatre made of bamboo was built in 2014 at Victoria Harbor. This temporary tenant is located on the site of an extensive project aimed at developing a new cultural district: the West Kowloon Cultural District.


Nantes (France)

At Nantes, SAMOA (Société d’Aménagement de la Métropole Ouest-Atlantique) has implemented a temporary occupation strategy for brownfield areas in the Ile de Nantes. Attractive contract conditions and low rental fees are being offered to businesses and/or to artists and creators.


Melbourne (Australia)

Renew Newcastle is an ONG financed by the government of New South Wales, whose purpose was to find short- and long-term uses for buildings that were vacant or awaiting development in the CBD of Newcastle. This pioneering operation will now be implemented in the entire country, through the entity Renew Australia.