AIVP Recommendation

Light, colour and materials are all important elements that can be used in the architectural composition of new or existing public spaces and buildings, to revitalise the often negative industrial image of port cities. They can serve to highlight projects’ best aspects, adding new dimensions or stimulating new ways of looking at certain spaces.

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

The area around Dock F seem largely abandoned, with its dilapidated buildings and no fewer than 25 rusting hulks. In 2017, with the cooperation of the municipal authorities, the port authorities decided to turn the site into a promenade while maintaining its function as a “sand port”….


Brussels (Belgium)

The challenge was to give back meaning to the port’s activities in a renewed urban atmosphere, and to counter the port’s old image as a no man’s land, making it visible and accessible once more, while rebuilding a « proud awareness of the port » in the Brussels spirit.


Ningbo (China)

Ningbo, one of China’s leading ports, sits at the confluence of three rivers and the sea. The competition for the Lighting Plan launched by the City of Ningbo was won in 2009 by the firm Light Cibles and its Chinese subsidiary.


Saint-Nazaire (France)

At the outset of the Saint-Nazaire city/port project, the submarine base posed a significant challenge, not only due to its immense concrete mass but also owing to its association with the Second World War.