AIVP Recommendation

One of the key features of the changing relationship between the city and port is a form of spatial dissociation, signalling the end of the symbiotic relationship that had prevailed for many years. Promenades can be used not just to enliven the waterfront, but also to reconnect the city with its port. The inclusion of promenade routes in City Port projects is both a means of revitalising newly reassigned spaces and introducing new visual perspectives of the city and port.

Copenhagen (Denmark)

The Kvaesthus Pier in Copenhagen has been transformed by Lundgaard and Tranberg Architects into a multi-purpose space for leisure and recreation.


Malaga (Spain)

The special Port plan adopted in 1998 made reconciling the city and port its key objective. It enshrines the creation of an urban port at the boundary between the city centre and the industrial port, with a clear emphasis on recreational and cultural activities and entertainments.