River transportation is an excellent alternative for urban and last-mile logistics. In the case of Paris there several pioneering projects to use the Seine river as logistic channel. The project Fludis proposes a system combining 38 m long electric barges as floating warehouses with electric bicycles, capable of distributing 3000 packages per day, potentially saving up to 110 tons of CO2 per year.

Another case is the cable car developed by Citallios to transport 260 000 tons of dirt from a construction site in Clichy. This original system transports skips carrying 20 tons of land over 400m at 35m above ground, connecting the site with the barges. This solution will save 10 000 trucks per month and safe 35% CO2 emissions. Other solutions in Paris using barges, like Green Deliriver, use alternative fuels, like biogas, or combine different electric vehicles, such as Green Switch Meridian. These examples show the potential of rivers for sustainable mobility.