The Port Center Network Working Group will meet on 14 and 15th March in Montreal, Canada.

As you know, this AIVP-led group is intended specifically for active members interested in creating and developing a Port Center. It is an ideal opportunity to compare experiences, helping members to constantly adapt each Port Center to reflect changes in port city society. It is a working group that focuses on sharing best practices related to the subject of port, city and citizen integration, and in promoting the concept of Port Center.

Since 2014, it meets annually to exchange on the latest innovations in the field of dialogue with the citizen. So far, 7 workshops have already been organised: Ashdod in 2014, Livorno in 2015, Antwerp in 2016, Le Havre in 2017, Genoa in 2018, Bilbao in 2019 and Dunkirk in 2023.

Event restricted to members of the Port Center Working Group.


Thursday 14 March 

Friday 15 March (Tower of the Port of Montreal)

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Hôtel : Le Dauphin Montréal Centre-Ville

For your convenience, AIVP has negotiated for its members a unique preferential rate of $179.00** Canadian (Subject to availability) with continental breakfast included per room, per night at Le Dauphin Montréal Centre-Ville (excluding tourist taxes).

Address: 1025 De Bleury, H2Z 1M7 Montreal, Canada.

This hotel is reserved for the Port Center working group. You have received an e-mail to benefit from this rate.


This event is reserved for the Port Center working group. You have received an email to register.

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Head of international projects & cooperation

Annabelle ODIEVRE

Head of communication

Port Center Montreal: Grand Quay

Opened in 2017, the Port of Montreal’s Port Centre is the first of its kind in Quebec.  The Port Centre hosts the permanent and free exhibition All aboard! which offers a dynamic and fun itinerary to learn more about port activities and trades at the hub of the logistics chain.


Our 65-meter high observation tower offers a panoramic view of the city and the river, ans an interactive experience with a unique architectural signature for Montreal.

Welcome to the most beautiful views of the river and the city! Enjoy an oasis of relaxation by the water and on our immense green roof featuring 24,000 flowering and aromatic plants.


Bus, metro and train fares (indicative prices)
One-way ticket for 1 journey: $3.75
24h ticket : $11.00
3-day ticket: $21.25

To or from the airport 
747 Express bus shuttle – $10
Cab – between $40 and $60

Cab Diamond : +15142730733
Cab Hochelaga Inc : +15142569033


History of the Port of Montreal

The Port of Montreal, an economic jewel nestled along the majestic shores of the St. Lawrence, has woven the threads of its history into the very fabric of the city. From the earliest commercial exchanges between Aboriginal peoples and the first European settlers, the port has been central to Montreal’s economy and development.
Over the centuries, it has seen maritime trade flourish, from modest fur trading to vast international exchanges of goods. The Port of Montreal became a vital crossroads for imports and exports, facilitating trade between North America and the rest of the world.
And yet, its history has not always been a long, quiet river. It has overcome major challenges, including the armed conflicts that marked the 20th century. Despite periods of uncertainty and economic upheaval, the port has persisted, adapting to technological and economic changes to remain competitive on a global scale.
Today, the Port of Montreal continues to play a crucial role in the Canadian economy, generating jobs, stimulating trade and contributing to regional prosperity. It embodies the spirit of innovation and resilience that characterizes Montreal, while retaining a deep connection with its glorious maritime past. The port thus remains a cornerstone of the history and identity of the Quebec metropolis, always ready to write new chapters in its centuries-old history.

History of the city of Montreal

Montreal, a vibrant metropolis in the heart of Quebec, bears the rich heritage of a history marked by cultural diversity and dynamic exchanges. Founded in 1642 by Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve and Jeanne Mance, Montreal has evolved from a modest fur-trading post to a cosmopolitan city.
Witness to the Franco-British conflicts, the city was the scene of key moments, including the battle on the Plains of Abraham in 1759. Over the decades, Montreal has preserved its Francophone identity while welcoming a mosaic of cultures, becoming a melting pot of artistic and intellectual innovation.
The 19th century saw the city’s industrial boom, with the construction of the Lachine Canal and the ensuing economic expansion. Successive waves of immigrants shaped its unique multicultural character, reflected in its architecture, cuisine and vibrant festivals.
Today, Montreal is a modern metropolis where history intertwines with modernity. With its captivating blend of tradition and contemporary dynamism, the city continues to thrive, representing a harmonious fusion of its founding past and promising future.


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