Let the community become involved in designing new projects

Ignorance of port territories or the needs and constraints associated with port activities can result in the population having a poor understanding of projects to redevelop port/city interface areas. Faced with what is often seen as an opaque process and the risk of misunderstanding or even outright rejection, it can be useful to adopt approaches aimed at better explaining the port and its relationship with the city. In addition, citizens can be consulted and informed at regular intervals as the project progresses. These measures will ensure proper dialogue while also bringing citizens on board with project.

Good practice

The Port of Halifax has discussed with surveys and presented since 2015 the different options to structure its growth, profiting from the expansions of containerized cargo. In the website created for the online consultation, citizens could get first hand information on the different alternatives and take the survey to express their opinion and preferences. Besides information about the planning alternatives, the website also includes didactic material and port terminology to help locals to understand what is been discussed, so they can give a well educated opinion.

Consultation, web site ; Choicebook Report 2019 Port Community Liaison Committee (PCLC)

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