André Malraux Media Library © AIVP

In recent years, a number of Strasbourg’s old port buildings have been redeveloped. In 2003, the Urban Community of Strasbourg ran a competition to convert some former grain silos into a multimedia library. The silos of the Médiathèque André Malraux library opened in 2008 and currently house some 160,000 documents across 18,000 m², based on a design by architects Ibos et Vitart. The project took two years and cost a total of €64.5 million, most of which was financed by the Urban Community of Strasbourg.

André Malraux Media Library © AIVP

In 2011, a second project was undertaken to convert and extend a building at the Austerlitz port. The project concerned the former Seegmuller armaments warehouse dating from 1932, the first construction to be rebuilt by the autonomous port of Strasbourg after a fire in 1928. The building was abandoned in 2000 and plans to redevelop it into 67 homes and offices were designed by Heintz-Kehr et associés, with the contract awarded to Icade. The most spectacular aspect of the project is the addition of three new levels atop the warehouse building, corbelled on the north and south facades and with a 15 metre cantilever section on the western side. Windows and steel structure refer to the port’s identity. The old part was refurbished in a way that respects the original materials, while the office tower will also be raised slightly. An artistic and cultural space was also planned. « Les Dock’s » was inaugurated in September 2014. The investment budget is €17 million euros excluding VAT.

HK et associés (Georges Heintz and Anne-Sophie Kehr) project © Heintz-Kehr et associés

The site also includes a converted grain silo, the « Seegmuller Tower » from 1934 that currently overlooks with its 13 floors the site between the Seegmuller warehouse and the André Malraux Media Library. An “International University House”, with 169 studios, has been developed. It welcomed its first students on September 2015.

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